An Initial Case Study in Education Among Police and Incarcerated Men

Forthcoming at The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
Burston, Adam, Norman Conti, Jesse Wozniak, and Elaine Frantz

From the Point of a Gun to the Point of Starvation: Economic Conscription in Post Conflict Policing

International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice DOI: 10.1080/01924036.2019.1602548
Wozniak, Jesse

“Attitudes of Rural Law Enforcement Toward Proposed Changes in Policing”

Forthcoming at The International Journal of Rural Criminology
Contessa, Jason and Jesse Wozniak.

“Unpredictable Chaos and Institutional Management: The Self Presentation of the Islamic State in Dabiq Magazine”

Forthcoming at Social Science Quarterly.
Wozniak, Jesse, Josh Woods, and Quenton King.

“Iraq and the Material Basis of Post-Conflict Police Reconstruction”

The Journal of Peace Research 54(6): 806-818.
Wozniak, Jesse

“Missing the Moral: Excited Delirium as a Negative Case of a Moral Panic”

Punishment and Society 18(2): 198-219
Wozniak, Jesse

“When the Going Gets Weird: A Call to Gonzo Sociology”

The American Sociologist 45(4): 453-473
Wozniak, Jesse

“Interview with Award Recipients: Gregory Hooks and Brian McQueen”

States, Power, and Societies 17(1): 8-11
Wozniak, Jesse

“A National Ceremony”

Contexts 10(1): 12-18
Wozniak, Jesse

2009. “Real Men Use Non-Lethals: Appeals to Masculinity in the Marketing of Police Weaponry”

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Wozniak, Jesse and Christopher Uggen

"Winning the Battle of Seattle: State Response to Perceived Crisis"

Illness, Crisis, & Loss 13(2): 129-145
Wozniak, Jesse

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